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Ravenstone Capital Management aims to provide investors with superior tax-efficient, real returns by compounding capital over the long term. We work with our clients to customize a portfolio to meet their unique investment goals and objectives. Before investing, we determine an appropriate asset allocation strategy reflecting each clients’ investment goals and objectives, income needs, time horizon, liquidity requirements and risk profile.

While our expertise is centered around investing, we take an active approach to help co-ordinate all aspects of our clients’ wealth management needs.

Ravenstone Family Office

Ravenstone Family Office works with clients to deliver a comprehensive and integrated plan for our families’ complete financial affairs including estate planning, proactive tax and multi-generational planning, and implementation of family and business governance. In addition to the investment management services provided through Ravenstone Capital Management, our approach is focused on offering two supplementary crucial elements for high-net worth families through Ravenstone Family Office:

Tax and Estate Planning

We will assist in creating a complete estate plan, including managing all tax and non-tax issues. An important part of this process is engaging family members in an appropriate manner, which is a focus for us.

Business Advice

We are here to provide input as needed on all business matters. Our team has extensive experience in the real estate industry, among others. We will assist with structuring shareholders agreements and all tax matters which business owners must deal with.

We will work with existing advisors or engage additional specialists to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Please note that only Ravenstone Capital Management is registered to provide investment advice, and you will only receive investment advice from Ravenstone Capital Management when you engage us.